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Sensei Maria Evans

Sensei Maria Evans is a reputable Sensei in the martial arts world. Sensei Evans has trained in Martial Arts for over 57 years. Her primary instructor was O’Sensei Robert A. Trias, in Phoenix Arizona. Read more here...

Shozen Dojo Trains

Shozen Martial Arts

Shozen Martial Arts is a traditional Okinawan Karate Dojo. At Shozen we teach a traditional Okinawan style known as Shuri-Ryu. Shuri-Ryu is the first Karate style brought to the United States. Shuri-ryu Karate has a rich history that finds its roots in Okinawan Shuri-te. 

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"My sons are excited to learn from Sensei Evans. She taught them a level of respect and discipline I've seen only in the military. Her ability to develop students is incomparable." 


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