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Katas are based on the existence of four to eight imaginary attackers, and provides practice and technical perfection in meeting an attack from any quarter. Forms can range from simple for beginners to complex ones that require a high level of skill. Some forms require speed while others are made for heavy and powerful techniques. Mental and spiritual awareness will develop through constant repition and perfection of kata.

Katas are the main components of the style or system that you study. Martial arts Masters from the beginning have formulated ways to practice and teach systems of combat. These organized forms are known today as kata. Katas, are handed down sequences of movements that carry secret techniques passed throughout the ages through family ties. Without kata it would be difficult to learn technical movements correctly and to understand what they are for and what they mean. Katas are arranged in geometric patterns that subconsciously connect mind and body through continuous training. Kata movements enable the performer to establish proper relations to opponent for the purpose of defending themselves and creating opportunities for effective counter-attacking.

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