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Order of Tournament Events

Black Belt Kata & Weapons

Starting with the youngest ,Youth Kata, Weapons and Fighting  

Teen  Kata, Weapons & Fighting ( We will separate Black & Brown if we have 4 competitors in each)

Adult Beginners: Kata, Weapons  and Fighting

Adult Intermediate: Kata, Weapons and Fighting

Sr. (40 & over) Adult Kyu: Kata Weapons and Fighting

Brown Belt Adults:  Kata, Weapons & fighting

Black Belt Fighting

 Link to USAMA Rule Book

Kumite Gear List

 Protective equipment is required. A mouthpiece, Soft dipped foam (or similar) headgear, hand gear and foot gear are required. Ringstar shoes are not allowed. Groin protection is required for all male competitors. Shin guards are not required, however if they are utilized, they must be soft dipped foam, cloth or similar; hard plastic shin guards are not allowed.


No regular eyeglasses are allowed for the safety of the competitor. (safety glasses only) Casts, metal or hard plastic braces etc. are not allowed. All medical braces or wraps must be approved by the medical personnel and chief referee.


Mandatory Divisions for Stat.jpeg
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